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Life is Precious Why? My Story Part 2

Life is Precious Why? My Story Part 2
Promise me you'll take care of yourself so you don't have to go through this.

So I get to see a 2nd cardiologist who also takes great care of me. So we plan this surgery to have my first slice in my flesh. (Oh The Drama) lol. I told him other than a couple scars from scratches. I have no tattoo's or scars from anything on my body. He told me he had to make an incision above my breast in my chest and only hook up one lead to my heart for the ICD unit. I said you better make it look good, because I wear muscle shirts and lots of summer tops. We got it scheduled for the 30th of December, just in time, because my deductible is already paid for the year. So no New Year's Party for me.

So we go to the Hospital on the morning of December 30th. We were delayed a couple hours from the Doc doing other surgeries. Everything was fine, until I get on the table for surgery, then they strapped me down on my arms. I started to panic, this isn't fun anymore. Then they put me under and that was all she wrote, till I woke up. This was not a special treatment deal. I was put in a room right across from the nurses station, so they could keep an eye on It was so noisy, from phones and nurse chatting nonstop. I couldn't get out of bed without help, I was so weak. I was so sick from the meds and anesthesia they gave me. I was miserable and got no rest over night again in the hospital. After my x-rays the next morning to make sure my lead is attached to my heart. Then Ed came back in the morning to see how I was doing. I was given more pain meds that made sick, so I got up with Ed's help to go to the bathroom to throw up. When I did this loud alarm went off,  Freaked out the nurses, because I wasn't to get out of bed without help. They come flying in the room in time to see me get sick. After that, the Doc finally come in and saw I was about to get sick again. Ordered those nurses for anti nausea medicine in my I.V. and he gave me different meds. I finally did get to go home in the afternoon. 

We got me home in my bed for sleep/healing time, I was so exhausted and hurting, after that whole ordeal. getting much needed rest and sleep and recuperation. It took longer this time to recover because of the surgery incision, but I got a new toy when I got to go home. "Say Hello to my little friend" lol His name is Merlin and he sits on my dresser and tracks my heart through my ICD unit at night when I'm sleeping. Isn't technology amazing! That way I don't have to go into the Dr's office every 3 weeks to get it checked. Plus they can do a remote check every 3 months from my home unit. Thank God, cuz it makes my life easier. Luckily, If I go on a biz fam trip or vacation, I don't have to take it with me. But I'm still tracked wherever I go around the world. I know creepy huh? It's like big brother watching you 24 hours a day. Or like a hemoglobin A1C blood test for diabetics. It tracks what you been doing/or eating and tells the Dr. what your sugars have been doing for the past 3 to 4 weeks. You cannot hide anything from the Dr.'s.

I've had a couple episodes, that I got upset and my heart started racing. This is when I first got it and was still in Denver and going through rehab. It's weird when you get a call from the nurse and she's asking if your o.k.? I'm like, I'm fine, why? Come to find out this ICD unit tells on you. So I really learned going through rehab and having this, that stress really gets to your body system and it's not good for you. Once, me and my best friend got into an argument, because I told her I have faith in God, I told everyone that He has a perfect house for us in the Mountains. I wasn't going to stress over the urgency of buying a house in this market. I just had to find it. I told Ed after that to start packing, that we are moving soon. I didn't know where or when. We started packing boxes. That was a good thing, because it turns out we had one month to move and pack almost 28 years of stuff. We moved in on November 1st. The weather was perfect for our move. That day of moving came together with help from a lot of good friends. So things now are lookin up for us. So we thanked the Lord for it all.

Well it turns out God did have a perfect house/cabin for us in the woods with ALL the things we wanted. We wanted some land out of the city. I wanted big windows, lots of sunshine, wood, rustic, cabin feel, fence for Shadow (our black Lab) and not to far from Ed's work. The only thing we didn't get, was we are right on highway 119. But it's actually a blessing. We move to 9000 feet. I know, I have heart issues and I move that high. Well I haven't had any issues. But We are not worried, we have the perfect place. We have CDOT with snowplows and road maintenance up the road. Then across the street is Taggert's Shell Gas station, that practically has everything you'll ever need if stranded in a snow storm. Then we have the awesome Timberline Fire Department right across the street. So there is no need to worry about me. Chief Glenn and the guys are aware of my diabetes and heart issues. But I try and take good care of myself, so I don't have any emergencies.

You have to come visit us. It's so peaceful where we live now. Around here we get bears, bobcat, moose, deer, elk, coyote's and who knows what else. We also get all kinds of birds I've never seen before. Squirrels, chipmunks, and I call it a hybrid. It looks between a squirrel and a chipmunk. Bigger than a chipmunk though with wider strips down the back. I call them all my little friends of the forest. It's fun to watch all the birds, and squirrels and rabbits and all the animals. We have a 24 hour nature channel on our 8 foot windows in the forest. It's so cool to live up here. We love it. It's very calming to the spirit and senses with all the sites and smells of the forest. Nature in our own backyard. 

After going through all that and finally being cleared from both cardiologists to travel. I got to go on a much needed vacation to Puerto Vallarta. I told my Dr's don't be worried if my heart gets excited because I'm going zip-lining. They just laughed and said go for it. So when I planned our trip to Puerto Vallarta, we went zip-lining and had a blast all day. It was so much fun. we got pics and video of our day. Off on another adventure together.

My advice to you is get a heart check up from your Dr. Please make an appointment today. I don't want anyone to go through what I did. But it saved my Life and I thank God for that. As well as my awesome Cardiologists. Stop smoking now, if you're still smoking. I swear to you, in 6 months you will feel so much better. And you'll thank God for helping you through it. No more drinking the rum drinks. But I'm not giving up my wine and Bud Having serious sodium/salt issues, I make everything from scratch and we are healthier because of it. 

Life is very precious and we really got a reality check. Now life for both of us means so much more. All the stupid stuff, we see people arguing over, for no reason. It's not worth it. We live life to the full and truly enjoy being with each other exploring more adventures and travel along the way. Thank you Lord for Blessing Us.

This is the Reality of the situation. These pictures are the proof of heart issues.

ICD Implant Surgery
ICD Implant Healing
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