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Kerri L. Aungst in Black Hawk Colorado. A Professional Travel Agent with over 27 years experience. Telling Travel Stories from our Vacations and Fam Trips, More fun things about Living in the Woods, Everyone loves Dogs & Animals, Travel Lifestyle with Diabetes and Heart issues, Etc

Lookie What I Found . . .

Lookie What I Found . . .

Travel Lunch Box Side 1

Travel Lunch Box Side 2

A Lunch Box The Beginning Of My Travel Destiny I Never Knew.

I found the long lost lunch box, after our big move to the mountains. How cool is that? It has many old Airlines listed on the side. Most are not even in business anymore. Unpacking a box of old stuff from my childhood. I found my old lunch box I used to use in elementary school. Wow does that bring back memories, some good, and some bad. I used to get picked on and teased all the time. At the end of sixth grade, I punched a kid in the face and gave him a bloody nose for picking on me and wouldn't leave me alone. Nobody messed with me after that. But hey, I turned out all right and don't take sh** from anyone anymore.

I remember as a young child about 5 years old, I would always wander around the neighborhood we lived in. Exploring everything, Meeting people and seeing what they were doing. Sometimes the cops would find me and bring me home, Momma wasn't I was just fine exploring my little world having fun. I don't think my mom remembers how many times that happened. Oh such memories.

Well, nothing has changed, I do the same thing today, but I have the whole wide world to explore with new destinations and meeting so many fascinating people, experiencing the culture and history. I really enjoy hearing stories from the locals of their lives and all the memories they have to share.

Now I'm beginning to write about the stories in my life and share them with you. As well as my travels from the past 27 years. Having been in awe of experiencing all the places and destinations, either by vacation or business fam trips (Familiarization Trip where we go with Tourism Boards or Travel Suppliers).

Was this lunch box the beginning of my destiny?I look back now and think so,
but at the time I hated that lunch box and always wanted a cool one.

Back to the future. After meeting my future husband Edward. He wanted me to go back to school and get my education. Not sure what I wanted to do or the direction I wanted to go. I chose Travel & Tourism out of the courses offered. I said Travel looks interesting. I've been hooked ever since. Look at me now and the places I've been. It's still so exciting. Every time I get to go somewhere. I'm like a kid again and can't wait to explore everything I can.

I love my life in travel and what it has become. I have a true passion for travel and each destination I see and experience. I get really excited when talking about travel. After reflecting back on my 27 years in the Travel Industry, I have some stories to tell, and Lots of Pictures to share and the most precious memories that will last me a lifetime. I want to share them all with you.

"Rich Memories create a Rich Life" I heard Jessie Duplantis say this, and I think it's the truth.

I thank God for everything all the time, Life is not about the stuff you have, but to have it is a blessing. Stuff is just stuff, but It's the little things God blesses you with every day. Open your eyes and pay attention and you'll see it. Life is about Love with Friends and Family and relationships with people. Oh and don't forget I love puppies and dogs. Our Black Lab Shadow is my precious baby. And before that was Buddy another black lab and before that was Trips our Golden Retriever. I love them all.

With heart issues in 2014, Life really seems to be more precious and gives us a whole new perspective and how precious it really is. No worries now, all is good. I feel great and love our new life in the woods with clean air and water and a less stressful life from the city of Denver. Even all six of my Dr.'s agree, It's been really good for me. Now for a walk in the woods.


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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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