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Inclusive Small Ship Cruises Offer So Much More . . .

Experience A Different Way To Cruise and see the World, Inclusive Style. Whether taking an Exotic, Inclusive or Adventure Cruise, be in the moment and experience the awe of nature, history and culture that each destination has to offer, intimate and up close. Its something special to be treated like VIP's, where people know who you are, remember your name and even your preferred food and drink. Dress casually and comfortably throughout your cruise while being pampered and traveling in Luxury. Relax, you’re on vacation. No need to dress up in formal attire, no jackets required. Country Casual is the rule throughout the day being laid back and relaxed. Most shore excursions are included as well, but check each individual cruise company, some are optional than what is already being offered.

The Big Ships don't have the access to the more quaint and intimate ports offered that small ships do, and for the best parts of the destinations. The big ships also haul food by the pallets full onboard ships the size of a city, not knowing where it comes from and sitting in a cargo hold for days before being served. Sorry, I want fresh local foods, picked out by a chef almost daily, where I'm going. Dine on the local delicious fresh foods prepared especially for you by top chefs at each meal. No dining or seating restrictions here, all are a la carte dining choices right from the menu.

Experience the local entertainment, music or local guides teaching about the local customs and being immersed in the culture and destination.  It's your choice to relax and unwind as you wish or choose to do any of the activities and tours offered. Pre and post packages are also available so you can explore more, before or after your small ship adventure cruise. There are so many great Itineraries to choose from, all around the world. Come and explore the real world of Cruising Inclusive Style. So find your passport and make your reservations now, because these are small ships and they do book up fast, especially the top accomodations. Call 303-582-3622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your free online brochure sent straight to your inbox.


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Windstar Yacht Cruises

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Windstar Cruises All-Inclusive Tropical Voyages

 Tahiti, Caribbean, A B C Islands, Costa Rica, Panama Canal, 
Italy, Mediterranean, Greece, Northern Europe, Iceland, Ocean Crossings

Windstar Cruises . . .180 Degrees from the Ordinary®

This is Private Yacht Style Cruising Just For You. You get that feeling as you step onboard like its your own private luxury yacht. Personlized service from a crew where they all know your name and preferences onboard. 

Don't forget the  a la carte dining choices matched perfectly with the culture you just explored. With the freshest ingredients picked out by chefs that day just for you. Indulge your senses with the herbs and spices and local fresh produce used in delectable dishes made to order. No restrictions, no surcharges and open seating in all dining venues. With lunch on the Veranda and a candlelight dinner under the stars. It's the magical moments that make it special.

What you want and are looking for is an authentic experience in each destination. On a small ship where it's a more
laid back, friendly and casual atmosphere where you can meet some new friends. You will be immersed in the destination with local culture and history all around you. It's time you experience the endless supply of magical moments everywhere you go.

So be closer to the world with Windstar Yacht Cruising. Docking in hidden harbors in the heart of the city and anchoring in secret coves where the big ships can't go. Get exclusive access to scenic landmarks, unique onshore events, wine tastings and more. Explore more with Exclusive Destination Discovery Events with in depth informative port lectures and destination briefings. These are Exclusive to Windstar guests only.

Book now for the Best Selection of stylish staterooms and suites, with less than 300 guests they book up fast. When you book early with Windstar Cruises, you get Exceptional Savings with Price Assurance for up to 7 days before sailing. So make you reservations now to be locked in with the accomodations of choice.

Windstar Yachts are Romantic and Exhilarating, Luxury sailing vessels travelling the world. Windstar Delivers a casually, elegant cruise vacation offering a private yacht experience to the world's most legendary places, hidden coves and harbors just waiting to be explored by you.

Star Clippers Sailing Adventures

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Caribbean, Cuba or Panama Canal, Transatlantic Ocean Crossings
Eastern & Western Mediterranean or Explore the Far East and Indonesia


Star Clippers . . . Unique Sailing Adventures

For over 25 years, Star Clippers has built their family of vessels to provide a unique sailing experience like no other, with the luxury and amenities of a private yacht. Each year, they share exhilarating new itineraries to off-the-beaten-path destinations. 

Star Clippers operates three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels. Visiting hidden ports and coves untouched by larger cruise ships and offering passengers the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht. 

Star Clippers guests enjoy the romance of sailing on board a true tall ship in a relaxed atmosphere with high standards of service provided by an attentive crew. All three ships have expansive teak decks, swimming pools, informal dining, convivial tropical bars on deck and piano lounges. They are large enough to offer first class accommodation but small enough to call on intimate ports, untouched by large cruise ships.

 The two smaller ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper, sail with 170 passengers each and a crew of 74. Royal Clipper sails with 227 passengers and a crew of 106.

For more information or to get your free online brochure email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 303-582-3622

Un-Cruise Adventures

Un-Cruise Adventures

What's Un-Cruise? Its the Most Awesome Adventure. Up Close with Nature.

Un-Cruise Mexico Sea of Cortez

The Hawaiian Islands, Mexico Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica & Panama Canal,
The Galapagos, Alaska, Columbia & Snake River, Wine Cruises

The Un-Cruise Experience in Adventure & River Cruises

Small Ship Adventure Cruising with Big Experiences from 22-88 Guests per ship-Off the beaten path

Enjoy a more laid back and casual experience where sweatshirts, jackets and jeans are the normal attire with hiking boots and tennis shoes. No dressing up on these adventure cruises. Spend the entire day exploring the water and the shores with shore excursions included.

From whales that come right up to you in Alaska, Swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, and snorkeling with huge Whale sharks in Hawaii. Don't forget the Awesome Adventures that await you in Costa Rica with Sloths, Monkeys and Tropical Macaws. Or transiting the 48 mile Panama Canal. What about exploring the Unesco World Heritage sites in the Galapagos Islands with giant tortoises, red footed boobies and penguins.

Un-Cruise Adventures offers more with the themed cruises and special family discoveries program cruises exploring the wilderness, wildlife, history and cultures with the whole family, creating memories for a lifetime, from ages 8 and up.  The Other Themed Cruises offered are History to Wine Cruises and Craft Beer themed Cruises and photography, Marine Biology and a Jazz cruise plus many more.

There is more to do and explore with activities available on board these small cruises. They offer board games, books and DVD's and you can be Kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, hiking and skiffs to see more. There is also a fitness and wellness program. Yoga stretching, fitness equipment and laps around the deck. Plus a hot tub to relax in after a fun filled day of Adventure on an Un-Cruise.

Un-Cruise Adventures Certified Adventurist

Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable.

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