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Acaplco Mexico at SunsetGlamorous, spontaneous and splashy, Acapulco is a city that invites superlatives. It delivers an actionpacked, 24-hour exuberance that makes every moment count, with an array of attractions and activities to please almost any visitor. Located in the State of Guerrero, Acapulco can be described as an important deep sea and coastal traffic port located on the Pacific Ocean on the western side of the natural Bay of Acapulco. Known as "the queen of Mexican beach resorts", this charming bay is everpopular with year-round, foreign and domestic visitors. Is the largest, loudest and most boisterous resort in Mexico. Its tempo is more urban than resort. It also showcases the carefree, carnival atmosphere for which Mexico is famous.

Acapulco is a privileged tourist destination, with its two magnificent bays: Santa Lucia, known as Bahia de Acapulco (Acapulco Bay), and Puerto Marques, boasting incredible natural beauty and cliffs. The bays are surrounded by golden sandy beaches and exotic tropical vegetation and embraced by the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountain Range to the east. Acapulco is the first choice for party lovers. Honeymooners fall in love with the resort’s tropical beauty and festive Mexican atmosphere. The area also appeals to families, due to the variety of its several parks, calm beaches, and the CiCi water sports park for children. Sports enthusiasts also have plenty to do. Water sports of every variety lure visitors to the seashore, while golfers are beginning to recognize Acapulco as a world class destination. For early risers, there are several new eco-based tours that take in the area’s lagoons, jungles, islands, and estuaries. 

Find your own treasure from the golden beaches of Acapulco. From shells to t-shirts and delicious coconut and tamarind candies, you can take a little piece of paradise with you. In Acapulco you will find a great variety of Arts and Crafts Markets and Galleries where you can find from the most sophisticated pieces of art to the traditional souvenirs from the region of the State of Guerrero.

La Quebrada, Home of the Brave Ones. Get amazed by the courage of the divers that risk their lives at the stage of this astonishing view from the cliff. Since 1934 this has been one of Mexico's feature attractions. The divers leap from cliffs 136 feet above the crashing Pacific, landing in an 11 feet deep inlet. There are five performances daily, including four evening shows, performed with divers carrying torches –an unforgettable spectacle. Best viewing is from La Perla Nightclub at the Cliffside El Mirador Acapulco (a cover charge applies). Anyone who has watched Acapulco's cliff divers plunge the 136 feet to the crashing sea may wonder how difficult a task this may be.

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