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River Cruising is a Whole New Experience, You Can't Miss

Viking River Cruises AMA Waterways River CruisesAvalon Waterways River Cruises

Have You Been Planning on Taking A River Cruise? Want to know more about them?
Now is the Best Time for your chance at your Dream V
acation of a Lifetime. Paying only one price with Everything Included. There are so many new state of the art ships designed just for river cruising and many more are on the way for this year and 2016 and beyond. Just to name a few, Avalon Waterways, Viking River Cruises, AMA Waterways, and Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection. These are the ones we specialize in but we work with other river cruise lines as well. These ships are built with you in mind. With all the comforts and convenience of home with so much more to offer. 

With your River Cruise there are no hidden fees and the best value in cruising today. Your cruise fare is paid up front and includes all your meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus extra snacks and happy hour too. Also your port charges and taxes, wi-fi on board and excursions on shore. Almost everything is covered on a river cruise, even your wine, beer and soda at lunch and dinner. Plus specialty coffee's and teas available all day long.*Not Everything listed is included, check with each cruise line for details on what's included.

The Cuisine is Fabulous, made fresh daily by the chefs who search the local markets for the freshest ingredients. With Ala carte dining with Beer, Wine and Soda included at some meals. Regional cuisine is prepared as well as American International favorites. Desserts to envy and enjoy. With a great buffet breakfast with homemade omelets and eggs and scrumptious bites from the lunch buffet. You'll never go hungry on a River Cruise with so much to choose from and enjoy.

River Cruises spend way more time in ports, so you can really experience so much more of the destination. Immerse yourself in the joys of life going on all around you. It's all yours to explore at your leisure, until your heart's content. You can unpack once and enjoy all of your surroundings. So relax and enjoy your journey gently floating down the rivers on a river cruise. Watching the ever changing scenery right where you are. From the deck of the ship or your suite all aboard your River Cruise.

Just Imagine paying one price with everything included. Making awesome memories all along the way, that will last a lifetime. Exploring the small towns and quaint villages with all the sites and smells and to taste all the tantalizing treats. Explore these destinations of old, these cities go back centuries with so much history. Experience the waterways of the World with the one you love on a romantic River Cruise. Or go back in History and explore with your whole family.

Viking River Cruises AMA Waterways River CruisesAvalon Waterways River Cruises

Open Yourself Up To A Journey Of Discovery on a River Cruise 

11 Tips For Booking Your River Cruise Of A Lifetime

1-Book your River Cruise Early as possible. Popular River Itineraries tend to book up early, Suites and the biggest Cabins and high season dates sell out very quickly and often months to a year in advance. River Cruise ships are much smaller than ocean cruises. You cannot wait until the last minute to book your River Cruise. Christmas, Holidays and Summer Cruises sell out fast. To get your pick of the best suites or staterooms available and the itinerary you choose, reserve as early as possible. 

2-Pre-Plan your itinerary and choose your top sites to see and things to do. If you can, Pre-Book your excursions ahead of time. Often the more popular ones fill up quickly and may not be available once your on board. Excursions are optional of course, so if you want to explore on your own please feel free. But be cautious of where you are going and leave extra time to get back to the ship on time. Find out if there are any fun festivals or local events going on in the cities, towns and villages. Check with the Country or city Tourism Boards for more information on events. Check with local tourist information places as well when getting off on shore.

3-Pre and Post Cruise Stay Overs. Airfare is also available. Since your flying in or out of those cities anyway you can add on some extra days and explore those destination cities before or after your River Cruise. There is so much to see and do plus you can get acclimated and adjust to the time changes easier. Its also a must to fly in atleast a day earlier than your cruise departure, so you can make sure your on the ship when it departs. Many people have been stranded by flight delays, cancellations etc. and missed the boat. Plus your transfers are usually included to the ship.

4-Always Book your Reservations with a River Cruise Specialist. Someone who knows the product and can save you a lot of money, time and headaches along the way. River Cruise Specialist Travel Agents know and are Certified Specialists and can help you if you have any questions. True Travel Specialists who genuinely care about helping you book your River Cruise Vacation and take care of many of the details for you. Plus booking travel Insurance is a must. The internet doesn't care about you and can't help you and you'll be stuck without a paddle. 

5-Travel Insurance is the most important thing to have when travelling. This is a major life and money saver. Just look at the past, there are major weather travel delays, hurricanes in some areas and Volcanoes and earthquakes in others. You never know what can happen and you need to be prepared for wherever you are. We book with Travel Guard Insurance. They have 24-hour assistance available around the world and can help you with any issue that may arise while on your Cruise or any type of Vacation.

6-Dining is open seating and at certain times of the day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner times are usually the same times each day and may depend on your shore excursion. But please be on time for meals if you can. Keep in mind most River Cruise ships Do Not have room service. Some suites maybe. But there is always snacks and fruit with coffee and tea available. If you have special dietary needs please tell your booking agent asap so they can advise the Cruise line and chefs and note your reservation as to your needs. Most all River Cruise Lines will accommodate any special dietary needs, low sodium, Diabetic, heart healthy etc.

7-Are you fit for a River Cruise? Keep in mind there is a lot of walking and stairs to climb as well as maybe uneven paths and cobblestone streets to walk on. They do usually have a couple different options for fitness levels available to choose from. If you have a heart condition it may not be a good idea to climb all the stairs to the top of the castle. Just know your limits and be cautious and talk with your Doctor before travelling. I suggest you get into shape before you go. You'll be glad you did. The days can be fully packed with lots to see and do in each port.

8-When is the Best time for a River Cruise? ANYTIME! If your looking for the best deals though. Travelling on the shoulder seasons like Spring and Fall time. And going on the not so popular rivers in Europe. The Holidays and Summer time are the most popular times to travel, but weather can be better and the kids are out of school. Whatever time you go on a River Cruise it's priceless because you can't put a price on all the enjoyable memories. Other popular Themed River Cruises like Food and Wine River Cruises, Beer Tasting Cruises as well as the Art, Music, Golf, History, family and Wellness Cruises etc. And many more that each River Cruise line offers. They also add on some great exclusives on these theme cruises. These are great, because you get to be with other like minded travellers with something in common and get to meet some new found friends. There are great single rates available too.  

9-Who is a River Cruise For? You! Don't like crowds and lots of people and big cruise ships. Most River Cruises are 200 passengers or less. There is no worries of seasickness at all. You have land on both sides and no waves in the river. Shore excursions and most activities are included. Check with the cruise line for details. People enjoy and maximize their Experiences of a lifetime on a River Cruise. With Everything included there's not much else you'll need. Except for money for souviners and shopping of course.

10-Pack Light. But be prepared for weather changes. You don't need to take a bunch of clothes for a River Cruise.  Do bring rain gear, like and umbrella and maybe a plastic poncho just in case. There is no need for the flashy jewelry, dresses,  fancy shoes and the suits and ties on a River Cruise. Most are Country club casual and maybe a sport coat for a Captain's Dinner for men. But otherwise leave the dressy clothes and shoes at home. There's no formal nights on a River Cruise. Collared shirts and slacks for men and maybe some light dresses or dress pants and tops for women. Sensible, comfortable shoes for walking on land are adviseable. Don't bring the high heels. Take clothes that can be interchangeable for other ourfits. River Cruise lines have laundry services available and some suite ships and the like are included.

11-Celebrate your Special Occasion onboard a River Cruise. A special Anniversary, Birthday Family Reunion or Multi-Generation Family get together. Celebrate your life and history with an adventure together. Have a small group or Theme Cruise you want to organize? We can book it as well. Fitness class cruises, history buffs, religious or Christian or Jewish Faith Cruises Etc.

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Viking River Cruises AMA Waterways River CruisesAvalon Waterways River Cruises