Professional Travel Agent, Travel Journalist, Photographer, Dog Lover, Website Designer & Home Chef

Beaches Etc was established by Kerri L Aungst back in 1997. After travel school in 1990 and working in the travel industry since then. Launching her own business in a home office with her first website design in 1998. She was one of the first in the travel industry to be what's called a home based travel agent. As a specialist in beach vacations and cruises, this was the main focus for many years booking honeymoons for couples, family vacations and cruises. Building a sucessful business from many referrals and repeat customers.

While continuing education in travel and tourism along the way with certification specialist courses, workshops and seminars. Going on familiarization trips with tourism boards or top tour operators, where you get to see and experience all the destinations have to offer. Kerri at Beaches Etc is still specializing in beach & island vacations (Her favorite places) throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific and Mexico. She is a certified specialist with many resorts, hotels, and cruise lines, as well as tourism boards. Beaches Etc is now expanded into the river cruises and small ship cruising around the world. Luxury yachts, cruises and river cruises are the most poplular. So the best time to go is now.

Known as the "Beachy Girl in the Woods", with almost 30 years experience in travel. As a professional travel agent and a travel journalist wanting to share her knowledge, expertise and past experiences in articles and her website.

Horseback Riding in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

Beachy Car

Beachy Car

After having heart issues along with diabetes back in 2014. Having to go through 4 stents and cardiac rehab, then surgery to have an ICD defribillator implant. Business had to be put on the back burner. It took about 2 years to fully recover. Since almost losing her life, she has a vibrant spirit to live life like it's a celebration everyday. Living it to the full and blessed. She is very thankful and a strong woman of faith. After being grounded from traveling for two years, cleared to travel again from both cardiologists and back healthy. She went to Puerto Vallarta soon after with her husband and went zip-lining (That's a blast). You really have to do that at least once.

Shortly after that we moved to Black Hawk Colorado. Now living in the high mountains above, in the beautiful forest in the Rocky Mountains. Leaving the stress of Denver city life behind. With her husband Edward, they are both so much happier with their dog Shadow. A black lab who loves running through the woods and walking the trails on the property chasing rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks.

It's been a bumpy ride along the way with some setbacks in life and business. But she is not one to give up easily, rebuilding her health and her business with a new life in the mountains. Meeting new people and making friends from Nederland to Evergreen and beyond.

Now specializing also in the luxury beach resorts, villa vacations, small ships, yacht cruises as well as river cruises throughout the world. By creating for you the best travel experiences, so you can find your fun and adventure in the sun, sand & Sea. So what's your travel dream? Where does your spirit take you? God made us a big beautiful world for us to explore and have our own adventures. He's the one that gave us the desires of our hearts. So What do you want to experience in this life? Whatever it is, Celebrate it!

I really appreciate all your business and look forward to serving the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and beyond.

Kerri L. Aungst
Have a Beachy Day!